Transformative Workforce Development

The world is changing, and we, in higher education, are at the forefront of it. St. Francis College has partnered with CorpU, a Udemy Company, to bring the best in workforce development courses. Designed by the top experts from relevant fields, St. Francis College’s programs are cutting-edge and develop the skills and practical application to improve employee productivity, heighten company morale, and prepare the company for the future. Check out our programs page to see what programs we are currently offering.

Employer Benefits

Real-time learning analytics that measure your leaders' progress and engagement

Problem-based learning activities that build analytical and problem-solving skills

Cohort-based approach that creates dialogue and collaboration among participants

Cost-effective training provides access to leadership development opportunities

Special corporate discounts based on number of employee registrations

Employee Benefits

A fully online, cohort-driven environment with social discussions about real-world business issues

No standardized test requirements, no registration fee and no transcripts are required

Increase confidence and job satisfaction for the individual as well as increased potential for career growth

Accessible experts who are there for support, discussion, and guidance

Certificate earned to show completion of coursework